About Us

    The Greater Nashua Human Resources Association (GNHRA) is an affiliate of the Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM). Among the many affiliates across the country, we share the common goal of promoting the Human Resource profession. Meeting monthly in the Greater Nashua area, we have guest speakers that present on a variety of human resource topics as well as provide legislative updates from well respected local attorneys that enrich and educate dedicated HR professionals (or those that have human resources responsibilities). In addition to our monthly meetings, we also share a variety of resources only made available to our active members. We believe that membership in local chapters like GNHRA is critical to the success of the serious HR professional and we would welcome the opportunity to have you join us!

    GNHRA Bylaws


    Each sponsor has the opportunity to:

    • Have your Logo with company info prominently featured on GNHRA.org website (from Now until the day after the meeting)

    • Introduction to the sponsor and a brief biography of the sponsor representative

    • Logo is displayed on the scrolling slides during networking

    • Speak at the meeting you have chosen to sponsor (10 minutes – we encourage creativity in your presentation)

    • Designated sponsor table to further introduce your company and marketing materials

    • Provide marketing literature to each attendee

    • Receive recognition of your sponsorship at the meeting, on the website, and in meeting notices

    • Retain all attendee business cards from the raffle drawing* (if you chose to do a raffle, not required)

    • One attendee, Additional attendees may attend for $30 per person.

    Meeting Sponsorship Cost is $200.