Meeting Sponsorship

    Each sponsor has the opportunity to:

    • Have your Logo with company info prominently featured on website (from Now until the day after the meeting)

    • Introduction to the sponsor and a brief biography of the sponsor representative

    • Logo is displayed on the scrolling slides during networking

    • Speak at the meeting you have chosen to sponsor (10 minutes – we encourage creativity in your presentation)

    • Designated sponsor table to further introduce your company and marketing materials

    • Provide marketing literature to each attendee

    • Receive recognition of your sponsorship at the meeting, on the website, and in meeting notices

    • Retain all attendee business cards from the raffle drawing* (if you chose to do a raffle, not required)

    • One attendee, Additional attendees may attend for $30 per person.

    • Meeting sponsorship cost is $200. 

    You can sign up to sponsor a meeting while registering your included attendee. Just click on the Register Now button for any meeting with a sponsor graphic, and you'll see a sponsor ticket option during the registration process.

    Become a sponsor