Greater Nashua Human Resources Association
Greater Nashua Human Resources Association

GNHRA is a group of dedicated Human Resources Professionals proudly serving the needs of the Human Resources community of Southern New Hampshire.  

We are committed to the ongoing development and engagement of the HR professional in our community.  We would be thrilled to have you join our efforts.

 Our Chapter Volunteers have been hard at work preparing exciting and informative programs for the coming year.  Check out our Program Schedule page for a listing of upcoming meeting dates and topics.

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Thank you for taking the time to learn about our chapter. I’m honored to be the President of Greater Nashua Human Resources Association!  

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Jeannie DiBella
President 2015-2016 to current


 Welcome to the Greater Nashua Human Resources Association. We would like to invite you to experience the many benefits of membership, which includes learning more about the human resources profession, networking with fellow HR professionals and most importantly, having fun along the way! Find out more about the GNHRA
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 Come join us! October 11, 2016!

Defeating Bullying and Incivility in the Workplace

Please note the extended meeting time:

11:30am 2:30pm


Meanness, incivility and lack of cultural sensitivity in the workplace is currently costing thousands of dollars to work environments that aren’t paying attention to the social culture and climate of their employees.  These behaviors chase away good people, cause lost time and increased sick days, and take an exacting toll on the victims of workplace bullying. .  In this powerful and vital training you will understand how fear and anger in the workplace can be channeled into great teamwork and full productivity.  You will also earn the cost of failing to create a workplace that promotes empathy and understanding for diverse cultural backgrounds.


Malcolm Smith, PhD, CFLE

Dr. Malcolm Smith, one of the nation’s leading experts on empathy, civility, and anti-bullying programs will take a hard look at current workplace cultures and offer clear practical strategies for you to give your workplace a climate and culture check.  He is the founder and Director of the Courage to Care Project, a national program that teaches civility and empathy in schools nationwide.  He is also a former Professor who has been studying human behavior for 40 years.  Recently, National Public Radio called Dr. Smith “the one determined force who might just solve our nation’s incivility problems.”

Learning Goals:

  1. Explore why having a bullying and incivility policy necessary in work environments.
  2. Learn the essential elements of a practical and effective anti-bullying and civility policy.
  3. Find strategies that will improve the way employees treat each other and themselves.
  4. Better understand the role of an HR professional in promoting kindness, caring, and empathy.

 Dr. Smith has presented over 5,000 national trainings on issues related to anger in schools and the workplace, violence prevention.


  • Educational Director, TIGER - Plymouth State University · 2014 – Present
  • President - Malcolm Smith Consulting · 1989 – Present
  • Extension Professor, Specialist, Youth and Family Education and Policy - University of New Hampshire · 2007 – 2014
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Greater Nashua Human Resource Association

kicks-off suicide prevention training for HR Professionals presented by

The United States Department of Veteran’s Affairs

GNHRA suicide prevention 5.2016

From left to right: Karin Taylor, GNHRA Secretary; Julie Girouard, GNHRA Programs Chair; Kristin Cappello, GNHRA Media Chair; Nancy Rowell, GNHRA and State Council Treasurer; Catharine Mirabile, GNHRA and State Council Membership Chair; David Wheel, State Council Military Liaison, ESGR; Clay Rush, GNHRA; Amy Brady, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs; Dale Garrow, NH National Guard Suicide Prevention Program Manager; Lori Haberski, VA Medical Center.

On May 10, 2016 The United States Department of Veterans Affairs provided training to HR professionals in understanding more about the signs of someone considering suicide, truths and myths, how to address it as an employer and what resources are available. Although this presentation is geared toward our veterans, it really is useful for HR professionals for our entire employee populations! We highly recommend considering contacting Dave Wheel ( for more information about this presentation!



Granite State Human Resource Conference


Diversity Mission Statement:

GNHRA is committed to bridging the gap between all people by:

♦ Recognizing, encouraging and ensuring the value of diversity in the work place 
♦ Facilitating, building and creating interaction, understanding and dialogue between people of diverse age, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities, ethnicity, cultures, religions, education and work experience 
♦ Supporting, diversity to build a multi-cultural and diverse organization

“We support these goals by striving together to create diversity within the GNHRA by providing programs that inform and educate our members on diversity topics”.


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